Whilst we are in the throes of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, as a marketer it is more vital than ever to stop and consider your approach. Look at the state of marketing during COVID-19. Part of this is also taking stock of where your consumers and audiences are at.

Currently, most of the world’s employees have faced pay cuts, with many larger scale businesses downscaling. According to a SHRM study, 62% of small businesses say they have experienced a decrease in revenue since the start of Covid-19. The knock-on effect is that consumers may not necessarily have the money to utilise services or consume products they used to. Marketers are facing budget cuts and need to adapt their strategies and change their approach during these uncertain and turbulent times.

Here are a few key thoughts to ensure your marketing remains relevant during COVID-19:

1. Step out of the box

Marketing in its traditional sense is tricky during this pandemic and the aftermath leaves many businesses strapped for cash. Strike while the iron is hot, be innovative and seek new ways of reaching your audience at half the cost. Use the technologies available to upskill and discover new ways to deliver strong, empathetic marketing messages. Sign up for as many free virtual events as you get to expand your knowledge.

2. Remind your customers you are still there

It’s important to remain in touch with your loyal customers. Maintaining brand presence not only reassures customers that you are there for them, but it also creates a connection. Use this time to secure your space in the marketplace and remind consumers you are walking the journey alongside them.

3. Tailor your messaging to be relevant

As the consulting firm Gartner recently advised, CMOs must be proactive in monitoring changes to their customer behaviours and their purchasing needs while we move through uncertain times. Ensure your messaging reflects your consumer behaviour and resonates with them. Tailor your messaging to be country specific as each country is handling the pandemic in different ways, and we are going through the different phases at different paces. Don’t push out globally generic messages. Make it market specific.

4. Maximise your budget

If your budgets as a marketer have been cut, leverage your cheaper (and free) platforms to increase your reach. Focus on enhancing your SEO, so your website and content can be found organically.  Utilise Facebook boosting and follower campaigns which are cost effective. Extend your reach by enabling sales teams with the knowledge they need to establish a greater presence on Linkedin. Whilst these may seem like marketing basics, you have the time to really ensure your brand is set up and engaging correctly across all the channels available.

5. Engage with your potential customers

Find innovative ways to connect with your prospects through surveys and polls. This will give you great insight to where your market is at and the challenges they are facing. Encourage feedback and establish two-way communications to ensure you are pushing out content that helps your potential customers and positions you as a thought leader. Knowledge is power.

We know that the impact of this pandemic will be long lasting and forever change the way we market and the way businesses across the globe operate. Be adaptable in your approach. Change your personas, messaging and product strategies to move with the times. This will help you prepare for when we emerge as a healthy world once again.

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