Many surveys have been conducted over the past 6 months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before we go into how to adapt your SMME marketing approach, you need to understand the current challenges that many face as a result.

When many countries world-wide went into “lockdown”, the SMME market was hit the hardest. According to ITC News, “Almost 55% of SMMEs say pandemic has strongly affected their business operations.”

Most faced retrenchments, loss of income and entered a shock phase. Entrepreneurs and CEO’s faced many challenges throughout it when doors were re-opened, having to comply with stringent and fluctuating COVID-19 compliance regulations and in places often causing more expenses for sanitisation and preventative measures.

Here is the challenge for you as a marketer, how do you add value to your SME/ SMME customers…

The solution is relatively simple. If you haven’t already, adopt and maximise your returns with a digital approach.

With tight budgets, reduce your traditional marketing efforts such as billboards and radio and utilise resources like SEO, PPC, social media and content marketing. Review your organic website traffic and explore ways such as creating content and SEO improvements to continuously improve your rankings. Making the SMME more searchable at no extra cost.

Social media is another quick win for any marketer. Statistics show during the “lock down” period there was a significant increase in time spent on social media platforms. More than half of the world now uses social media. This provides the perfect playground for marketers to adapt marketing strategies and increase SMME’s visibility across multiple channels. Once you have the basics in place such as frequent and authentic posts that provide value to the customer, you can enter into affordable digital advertising campaigns on business platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Increasing and maintaining awareness around an SMME, their offering to the market, humanising the brand and identifying key opportunities through digital channels is how your marketing efforts can help an SMME grow once again.

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